How does an industrial fume extractor work?

Industrial fume extractors use an internal fan to draw any fumes from source into a contained filtration system. The contaminant is separated from the air before being expelled back into the workplace free from hazardous material.

The large variety of industrial processes and machine tool applications creates vastly different requirements for efficient smoke and fume extraction. Filtermist are the UK’s leading experts for delivering the right extraction solution to any workplace every time.

How A•line & A•smoke works

The A•line & A•smoke units use static filter media to extract smoke. Contaminated air is extracted from the machine tool using an energy saving EC-fan where it will pass through our unique Tilted Filter System (TFS).

Filter cassettes contain media made of aluminium sheeting, designed in a concertina to increase the amount of surface area that the particulates are exposed to. The patented Catch & Release design cleans the air while draining particles. The initial stage separates the larger smoke particles from the air, before passing through the second and third stage filters to remove the smaller particulates.

The air is then finally processed through the HEPA H13 filter, which guarantees a filtration efficiency of 99.95%. Once filtered, the coolants are returned to the machine and the clean air is pumped back into the workshop.