Welcome back!

Acquisitions can be unnerving for everyone involved – employees at the company being acquired may be nervous about their jobs, new ways of working and a different culture, whilst employees at the acquiring company may have reservations about the changing nature of the business that they are familiar with.

Filtermist is no stranger to the challenges posed by acquisitions having completed seven deals in the space of four years. Naturally, some employees moved on to other companies, but we are pleased to report that some key faces have returned to Filtermist over the past 18 months and are now supporting us to achieve and exceed targets following the uncertainty that Covid brought.

Jo Morris, Filtermist’s Director of Group Shared Services which encompasses HR, comments, “It is always sad to lose good people through the acquisitions process, but it is very heartening when they come back!

“We lost some talent from Dustcheck during the early days, but three key people have come back since the pandemic began which is fantastic for our customers as the knowledge they have between them is invaluable.

“This started when Carl Latham (above left) returned just before Covid hit. Carl worked at Dustcheck for three years, but left following the acquisition by Filtermist. He returned to Filtermist Systems eighteen months later and now heads up our Dust and Fume division. Carl is a member of ILEVE, holds BOHS P601, P602, P604 and W201 qualifications and is also a BOHS exam marker. 

“Carl’s return was followed by Jane Boon (above right) who came back to Filtermist in April this year to lead the Aftermarket Sales Team, and she has recently been joined by Debbie Greensill (above centre) who has returned to the position of Aftersales Coordinator.

“Jane and Debbie have a long history of working well together at Dustcheck so we are really pleased to have them both back on our team. Covid presented a huge number of challenges which we navigated as best we could given the circumstances, but we’re now in a place where we can really focus on our aim of being best in class. A key element of this is providing excellent customer service which relies on knowledge and resource.

“Having the right people in the right roles is absolutely key to our success so we are always very happy when skilled, experienced people return to Filtermist.”

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