Swarf Vacuum Cleaners

Making it easy to keep machine tools clean

Kerstar’s Swarf Vacuum Cleaners are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards. The robust KSV 45/2 C and KSV 45/2 W models are designed to pick up metal chippings and swarf (excluding spirals) from milling machines, lathes etc. – keeping machine tools clean and protecting operators from unnecessary exposure to used coolant.

See a KSV Swarf Vacuum in action

Essential Machining Accessories

Metalworking fluids and coolants play a critical role in most machining processes by cooling, lubricating, removing chips and protecting against corrosion.

Filtermist has the products to ensure that your coolant is working as hard as it can to cut costs, improve quality and maintain a safe environment for employees.

Product Enquiries

Coolant control products, as well as filtration consumables from Filtermist operating division Direct Filtration, are available from the following UK distributors:

  • Brammer
  • Buck and Hickman
  • Cromwell
  • MSC

Contact Filtermist directly:

+44 (0)1952 290500