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•    Clean Air is a luxury | FICTION Although there is no specific Human Rights Act article which relates to the provision of clean air, many campaigners are arguing that ther... [More]
As a specialist in industrial air filtration and extraction Filtermist lives and breathes clean air, so when we heard about Clean Air Day (June 21st) we jumped at the chance of getting involved and en... [More]
We’ve already shared the impact of unclean air within the manufacturing and engineering sectors on the health and wellbeing of individuals, as well as the safety impact it can have.  But, t... [More]
Telford based air extraction and filtration specialist Filtermist International has finalised a deal to acquire the business assets of Glasgow firm Dust Control Solutions Ltd - a privately held compan... [More]
We’ve previously highlighted how unclean air is a natural by-product of manufacturing and engineering operations, with individual processes resulting in differing types of air pollution – ... [More]