Filtermist to launch brand new Dustcheck weld fume range at MACH 2024

In ten days’ time the Filtermist team will be returning to MACH to exhibit on Stand 521 in Hall 19.

This year, and for the first time at MACH, Filtermist will be showcasing two new welding fume units from its brand new Dustcheck FumeGuard range. as well as a Dustcheck NonFlam Self-Induced Wet Collector.

The FumeGuard range of mobile welding fume extraction units from Dustcheck is brand new for 2024.

Mobile welding fume extractors are designed to capture dust and fume at source - protecting operators from dangerous fumes that have been linked to illnesses including occupational asthma, pneumonia, cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and ‘metal fume fever’.

The FumeGuard range includes units suitable for a variety of welding tasks. From intermittent and medium use to heavier applications, the FumeGuard, FumeGuard Pro and FumeGuard Pulse come with specially designed hoods and options for disposable filter cassettes or cleanable cartridges.

The compact, portable FumeGuard Midi and FumeGuard Mini are both used for on-torch welding applications. These jet-pulse, high vacuum welding fume extraction units can be used in manual and robotic welding applications, sanding processes, and industrial cleaning applications.

Filtermist will be showing a FumeGuard and FumeGuard Mini at MACH, with the Pro & Pulse being launched at a later date. “We are really excited to be launching this brand-new product offering at MACH,” comments Ben Kimpton, Filtermist’s UK Sales Manager for Dust and Fume. “We already do a lot of work with companies that need effective weld fume extraction so being able to offer our own product line is a natural progression. Branded in Dustcheck’s eye-catching green, we are confident the new range will grab attention not only for its sleek design, but also for the high levels of performance it offers.”

Wet Dust Collectors for highly explosive metal dusts

A wet dust collector (or wet scrubber) is a highly efficient and reliable solution for eliminating noxious, mechanically generated dusts from workplace air. Specifically designed to handle flammable metal dusts such as titanium, aluminium and magnesium, wet dust collectors offer an optimal solution for filtering and gathering combustible dust generated by processes such as grinding, fettling, linishing, deburring, polishing, and trimming metals.

The NonFlam Series is designed to handle the heavy loading of larger dust particles, and is available in sizes to handle volumes ranging from 720 – 10,000m3/hr. The mild steel painted or 304L & 316L stainless steel options comply with health and safety guidelines HSG258 and can be sited inside or outside. All models come with a built-in silencer.

Also on the stand will be Filtermist’s world-renowned, UK manufactured, centrifugal oil mist filters, as well as a Thunderbolt Electrostatic Precipitator from sister company, Diversitech. Follow this link to find out more.

Visit the Filtermist team on stand 521 in hall 19 from 15th – 19th April.