ICS 25.220.01Surface treatment and coating in general

Filtermist proudly partners with some of the leading names in the surface finishing industry to ensure effective control of potentially harmful substances

The surface finishing industry is a part of nearly all major manufacturing sectors with the core ones being automotive, construction, oil and gas, and aerospace. In 2015/16, the industry contributed an estimated £13.5bn to the UK economy.

Processes within the surface finishing industry, by their very nature, produce a wide range of substances including dust, vapours, fumes, and gases which all organisations must effectively monitor and control in order to minimise any health and safety issues.

All Filtermist oil mist filters can be supplied with stainless steel drums and outer cases which are widely used by leading Parts Wash Machine manufacturers – download this brochure to find out more. Filtermist is also able to provide effective dust, fume and smoke extraction as well as VOC abatement and industrial ventilation.

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