Filtermist is trusted by some of the world's leading manufacturers to effectively remove industrial fume and oil smoke from the air in their workshops.

Filtermist Limited specifies, supplies and installs a wide range of effective extraction equipment comprising fans, ducting, flexible arms and canopies, as well as fume treatment equipment that complies with EPA IPPC regulations.

This includes activated carbon filtration, wet scrubbing, chemical scrubbing, electrostatic filtration, and thermal & catalytic oxidation.

Typical fumes handled or treated include welding fume, process generated fume, vehicle exhaust fume, chemical fume and solvent fume.

Oil smoke and fumes can result in an unpleasant, and in some cases hazardous, working environment. Fume extraction systems from Filtermist ensure that your workplace is a safer and healthier environment.

What are the legal requirements surrounding fume & oil smoke exposure in the workplace?

All businesses regardless of size are bound by the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations 2002. COSHH is designed to minimise exposure to harmful airborne particles and protect workers’ health.

HSE Compliance

The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) strengthened its enforcement expectations around mild steel welding fume in February 2019 following evidence that it can cause lung cancer and possibly kidney cancer. All businesses that undertake welding must ensure they implement the hierarchy of controls to minimise exposure to welding fume.

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  • Employers are responsible for controlling exposure to fume and smoke in the workplace using suitable engineering controls
  • It is a legal requirement to test most industrial fume extraction systems at least once every 14 months
  • COSHH Regulations require all LEV systems to be kept clean and in good working order
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