Shipham Valves tells MTD why it chose fully installed Filtermist package

Paul Morrod, Head of Operations and Production at Hull based Shipham Valves, recently spoke to Lindsey Vickers from MTD CNC about why Shipham chose UK manufactured Filtermist oil mist filters.

Paul advised, “Filtermist was a solution offered to us by Ward Hi-Tech as part of our partnership with them and it’s something that we need to do to create a better environment and benefit the machinists.”

Following a call from Ward Hi-Tech, Filtermist’s UK Sales Manager Paul Battersby undertook a site survey at Shipham which resulted in an order for two S800 units, one FX4002, one FX6002 and two FX7002s – all fully installed and fitted with afterfilters and F Monitor 2 monitoring devices. All of the units come with a free 5-year warranty as standard, and the first service is included in with the price so Shipham can be confident that the units are performing as intended.

When Paul Morrod spoke to MTD, Filtermist Engineers were due on site the following day to carry out the installations which included three direct mounts, one floor stand mount and two top half post mounts. Filtermist’s experienced team installs oil mist filters all over the UK every day of the week, meaning customers benefit from a fast, accurate service following best practice guidelines - as per HSE publication HSG258.

“Fitting effective extraction is something we want to do as part of our continuous improvement and we see it as the next step in creating the best environment that we can to work in,” continued Paul. “We figured we’ve attracted the crème de la crème of machinists around the area and obviously everyone wants to work in the best environment that they can do.”

Hear more from Paul by watching the interview below…

If you’d like to find out how Filtermist can help ensure the air in your machine shop is oil mist free and safe to breathe, give our team a call on 01952 290500 or email