Why choose Filtermist for effective fume removal?

Established in 1969, oil mist filters manufacturer Filtermist has almost 50 years’ experience in oil mist removal. In 2010 the company was acquired by Absolent Group and became a UK distributor for sister company Absolent AB

Absolent AB offers a range of premium air filtration units for industrial applications including heat treatment, hot forging / cold heading, cold rolling, aluminium die casting, welding and other dry operations including cutting.

Able to handle airflows up to 32,000m³/hr*, Absolent filter units can be used in standalone installations or as part of centralised extraction systems depending on the customer’s specific requirement.

Filtermist’s in-house expertise was further enhanced by the acquisition of Multi Fan Systems in 2016. Multi Fan has more than 16 years’ experience in customised air movement, extraction and filtration systems including those designed for dust and fume control.

Fume analysis and system design

Filtermist’s Design and Technical Manager, Simon Baker, comments, “The composition of fume can vary depending on the process and materials involved. Fume can be treated as dust or smoke depending on the nature of the particulate it includes; Filtermist begins each fume extraction project by analysing the content of the fume to assess which contaminants need removing.”

Once the composition has been identified, Filtermist’s Design Engineers will specify the most suitable extraction system taking the following considerations into account:

• Type of contaminant(s) to be removed

• Volume of contaminant

• Number of extraction points required

• Size and fabric of the production facility 

ATEX requirements will also be considered and necessary control measures included in the system if needed.

Dust and Smoke filtration units

The Absolent A•smoke and A•dust ranges offer huge versatility to ensure extraction requirements for dry processes including welding and cutting can be effectively met. Both ranges incorporate multiple filtration stages using static filter media to ensure the highest levels of contaminant removal. More details on individual products can be found by visiting www.absolent.co.uk

Simon continues, “A range of factors will affect which filtration unit we specify and we work closely with the customer to ensure our recommendations take any future plans into consideration. For example, if a project is being rolled out in phases it may require higher extraction capability in the future. We look at the entire project from all angles to give customers the best value for their investment.”


In-house fabrication

Filtermist’s skilled technicians have more than 150 years’ combined experience. Working from technical drawings supplied by the R&D department, our engineers are able to fabricate a huge range of components for centralised extraction systems.


Accredited Absolent representatives

As an official Absolent distributor, Filtermist’s sales team and dedicated installation and service engineers have all received specialist training from Absolent. This ensures Filtermist is able to specify the most effective filter unit for specific applications, and correctly install, commission and service the units. Filtermist only uses original Absolent spare parts to ensure optimum performance is maintained at all times. 


Routine checks, air monitoring and LEV testing 

Filtermist’s comprehensive aftersales support service is designed to ensure all fume extraction systems continue to operate as intended - day in, day out. Smoke sticks and log books can be provided to help machine operators monitor system performance on a regular basis, and specialist services are provided by highly qualified personnel.

LEV engineer Jamie Allen, elaborates, “Getting into the habit of carrying out simple checks on LEV systems on a regular basis and recording the findings makes early identification of any potential issues far easier. Extraction systems are designed to protect people from exposure to substances which can cause a range of serious health issues – if they’re not working properly, employers are potentially putting their employees at risk.”

Static and personal air monitoring can be used to analyse the air quality in specific locations including an operative’s breathing zone. Customers are provided with comprehensive reports which outline the levels of any contaminants found, including those with WELs (Workplace Exposure Limits) which are subject to Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (CoSHH) regulations.

Filtermist has a dedicated LEV department offering CoSHH compliant LEV testing throughout the UK. Email lev@filtermist.com to book one of our P601 qualified engineers.

Practising what we preach

When Filtermist moved to purpose built premises back in 2015, a centralised extraction system was a key component in making sure its own operatives are protected from exposure to fume and smoke generated in processes including welding, spinning, grinding and linishing. 

The system includes two Absolent A dust 5 units designed to handle 17,600 m³ air flow per hour. It draws welding fume and smoke from 16 pickup points through 14 extraction arms, connected by 260m of ducting. 

F Monitor monitoring devices are mounted on all extraction points to alert employees to any potential issues in the system.

Filtermist Managing Director, James Stansfield, was recently interviewed by MTD CNC at our Telford facility for a short film which includes footage of our own extraction system in action.

James says, “Our people are the most precious asset we have so protecting them from harmful fume is paramount. Visitors often comment on how clean our facility is and we have an exceptional employee retention rate which in itself offers huge benefits to our business.”


Please contact our sales team if you would like to find out how Filtermist can effectively remove smoke and fume from the air in your workplace.

*Refers to A•smoke320T