A•smoke Oil Smoke Filters

Filtermist is the exclusive UK distributor
of Absolent filters

Why use an oil smoke filter?

  • Oil smoke is hazardous to your health.
  • Oil smoke causes slippery floors and collects oil and dust on machines and walls.
  • Oil smoke can lead to coating in ventilation pipes, a potential fire risk.
  • Oil smoke can lead to coating in heat exchangers, so reducing the efficiency of heat recovery.

Why use the A•smoke oil smoke filter?

Absolent A•smoke oil filters have been designed to guarantee more than 99.9% separation of particles down to 0.3µm. The separating efficiency remains constant and does not deteriorate over time.

Absolent's oil-smoke filter provides a degree of separation that far exceeds today's legal requirements and is therefore a sound investment for the future.

Absolent's oil-smoke filter requires very little service: it can run for 1-6 years without requiring a filter change.

Absolent's oil-smoke filter incorporates three filter steps whereas the two first filter steps are self-draining in order to allow continuous operation.

Absolent's oil-smoke filter is fire-tested.

Technical Summary

Model Max. permissible air volume
A•smoke5 500
A•smoke20 2000
A•smoke40 4000
A•smoke80T 8000
A•smoke80TF 8000
A•smoke120 12000
A•smoke160T 16000

Absolent A•smoke oil filters are well suited for use in applications such as:

  • Heat-treatment
  • Cold-drawing
  • Gear cutting
  • Grinding with straight oil
  • CNC turning with straight oil
  • Forging operations and cold pressing