Filtermist in virtual MACH courtesy of MTD CNC

The Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA), organiser of the postponed MACH 2020 show, teamed up with MTD CNC this week to broadcast a series of interviews with exhibitors to tell people what they would have seen had the show gone ahead as planned. 

Filtermist's CEO, James Stansfield, spoke to interviewer Joe Reynolds about a whole host of new products that would have been making an appearance on the Filtermist stand.

Follow this link to hear James talking about......

F Monitor 2&2+

Filtermist launched the upgraded F Monitor 2 at EMO last year and MACH would have been its first showing to a UK audience. Benefitting from Bluetooth functionality which allows the monitor to be configured via a mobile app, the F Monitor 2 is designed to make it easy for machine operators to ensure the Filtermist unit is performing as intended.

Dustcheck wet collectors

Filtermist acquired the rights to manufacture Carter wet collectors last year and is now producing this product range under the Dustcheck brand. Wet collectors can be used on metal finishing applications including grinding, finishing and fettling, where the materials may present a fire or explosion risk such as aluminium, titanium, magnesium etc.

Kerstar Swarf Vacs

Manufactured at Filtermist's Northampton facility, Kerstar swarf vacuums are specifically designed to pick up coolant and metal chippings from inside machine tools and the wider workshop – helping to maintain general standards of cleanliness. Watch this short film to see a KSV swarf vac in action: or download the KSV 45/2 W datasheet: 

05 004 Kerstar data sheets_KSV 45 2_W_web.pdf (165.32 kb)

Ecogate control technology

Ecogate technology can reduce electric bills by up to 75% by monitoring the volume of extraction required in dust and fume extraction systems and adjusting the fan speed accordingly. Watch this short film to find out more:

Gallito paint finishing systems

Filtermist manufactures a range of products under the Gallito brand including dry filter spray booths, water wash spray booths, bench booths, and cure and dry-off ovens


Filtermist has massively increased its capability to deliver large scale central systems since the last MACH show. This includes oil mist extraction, dust control, VOC abatement, fume and smoke extraction, odour control, industrial ventilation and loads more. Visit the central systems pages to find out more.