Site specific risk assessments

As per the Government's 'Working safely during COVID-19 in factories, plants and warehouses' directive issued on May 11th, Filtermist has undertaken Risk Assessments across all sites which have been shared with all employees working on site and displayed at all entrances.

Copies of each can be downloaded here:

Copy of COVID19 Telford T1 RA.pdf (97.62 kb)

Copy of COVID19 Telford T2 RA.pdf (97.77 kb)

Copy of COVID19 Kerstar RA.pdf (79.73 kb)

Copy of COVID19 Wetherby RA.pdf (97.36 kb)

COVID19 Dewsbury RA.pdf (123.65 kb)

Coronavirus risk assessment v2 May20.pdf (103.34 kb)