A Dust dust filters

Filtermist is the exclusive UK distributor of Absolent dust filters

Why use the A•dust dust filter?

The objective of a dust filter is to remove any unhealthy dust particles. For the best possible result, Absolent uses a HEPA-filter as the final filter step. This ensures the air is so clean it can be returned to the premises.

Absolent is the only dust filter manufacturer that utilises the 'down flow' technique to the full.

Absolent's filter cartridges can be washed, which contributes to an unbeatably low total cost of ownership. The filter cartridges have a normal life span of 2-4 years before they have to be exchanged.

The big service door makes service quick and easy. The filter cartridges have a quick-snap lock, which makes it easy to change them without any tools.

Why use a dust filter?

  • Dust is hazardous to your health.
  • Dust can collect on machines, walls and floors, causing a fire hazard.
  • Dust can penetrate and cause damage inside of sensitive electronic equipment.

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Tech Data

Model Max. permissible air volume1m3/hr
A•dust4F 2500
A•dust5 9500
A•dust15 17000
  • 1The airflow is conditional on the type of dust particles to be filtered.

Absolent A•mist oil mist filters are well suited to applications such as:

  • Welding
  • Laser cutting and plasma cutting
  • Grinding and polishing

Engineer Support

If you need help, Filtermist offers expert application knowledge and maintenance services

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