The Maxi Series of reverse pulse cleaned dust collector units are a modular compact solution for medium to large duty applications. A choice of 325mm diameter ‘deep pleat’ cartridges, 200mm diameter ‘shallow pleat’ cartridges or 125mm tubular bags allows ultimate flexibility for handling a wide range of contaminants.

The rugged 2.5mm and 3mm thick carbon steel or stainless-steel construction comes with options of ATEX compliancy, explosion relief for combustible dusts, clean side or dirty side removal filter elements, and a range of dust discharge options such as bin collection or rotary valve feed to FIBC etc.

Unit formats can be varied to best suit the available footprint and contaminant type. Other hopper discharge options such as screw conveyor transfer are also available to cater for all requirements.


  • Filter areas up to 738m2 for deep pleat cartridge,1,152m2 for shallow pleat cartridge and 288m2 for tubular bags
  • Cartridge pleat options along with tubular bag to cater for all types of contaminants
  • Filter medias and surface coatings to suit individual applications
  • 170 litre standard collection bin Top or floor mounted fan sets available on request
  • Full ATEX compliancy where required
  • Differential pressure (clean on demand) controller option
  • Explosion relief options for handling explosive contaminants
  • Optional bin liner facility for ease of dust disposal
  • Ladder and handrail for clean side filter removal options (standard on tubular bag)


  • Heavy duty construction for long operational life and suitable for arduous conditions such as foundries and heavy industry
  • Galvanized finish provides superior lifespan and surface finish compared to traditional painted filter units
  • Modular construction allows for versatile orientation and flexibility
  • High efficiency cleaning systems and controls provide minimised energy consumption
  • Clean side or dirty side removal filters to suit customer site and access conditions
  • High filtration efficiency medias provide low emissions to atmosphere and guaranteed air quality
  • High level inlet provides ‘cross-flow’ air pattern which eliminates upward air velocities within the housing and promotes better sedimentation of contaminants

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