The Downflow Series of reverse jet cleaning dust collector units offer a compact solution for medium to large duties and use the 328mm diameter ‘deep pleat’ cartridge technology.

Utilising a high-level inlet and the cartridges mounted in a horizontal format, the units offer enhanced cleaning capability due to the ‘down-flow’ air pattern and can be extremely effective on light and low bulk density dusts.

The units can also be offered with safe change filter element removal & product collection, and integral secondary HEPA filter sections.

This makes the range well suited for use with toxic dusts or where exposure to the operator and environment is strictly controlled (e.g. pharmaceutical applications).


  • Rugged carbon steel painted or optional stainless steel construction
  • Filter area from 15 to 320m²
  • Filter medias and pleat formats to suit individual applications
  • BIBO safe change options for filter change and dust emptying
  • Standard collection bin with ‘cam lift’ bin locating technology or BIBO safe change dust collection
  • +/- 0.05 Bar(g) operating pressure rating as standard (higher available on request)
  • 0.2 Bar(g) pressure shock resistant (PSR) as standard
  • Differential pressure (clean on demand) controller option
  • ATEX options with integral explosion relief (horizontal, vertical and flameless)
  • Optional bin liner facility, isolation valve and a variety of discharge hopper arrangements


  • Suitable for low bulk density dusts
  • Safe change facility, no production area contamination - safe for the operator and complies with COSHH regulations

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