Absolent’s latest innovation in high pressure oil mist filtration

High volume oil mist filters offer several benefits in industrial applications where a large amount of oil mist is generated. These filters are designed to handle higher flow rates and larger quantities of oil mist particles.

A•erity is a brand new, flexible, energy efficient, high volume oil mist filter from Filtermist’s sister company Absolent AB. This powerful series of filter units is designed for industries such as precision machining, automotive and aerospace, and guarantees maintenance free clean air for at least 8,760 operating hours.

Each unit comes with the A•erity intelligent EcoDrive EC fan system. The IE5 class EC-motor is optimised for energy consumption. Its advanced design guarantees safer operation and it runs at an optimal speed, saving energy and guaranteeing smooth, safe, and highly energy-efficient air filtration. What’s more, when the machine is opened, the fan motor adapts so that the contaminated air is retained inside instead of leaking out - protecting the operator and ensuring a cleaner working environment.


All A•erity units also include the ‘Essential’ control unit for switching the fan on and off and includes a visual filter alarm and running indicator. Upgrades are available to the ‘Professional’ controller which includes a visual indicator for pressure drops, running hours and pressure calibration, or the ‘Advanced’ model that uses a secure digital IoT solution which integrates with an online dashboard for personalised data access and online calibration of the units.

A•erity uses filter elements made up of a unique composition of fibre materials with a patented Catch & Release® self-draining function, where the oil captured can be reused or recycled. The units also include a HEPA H13 filter, leaving the air 99.95% free of harmful particles.

A•erity is offered in scalable configurations and the adjustable leg height offers flexibility of footprint (dependent on adjusting any existing ducting accordingly) to suit your application requirements. Depending on airflow and particle load, the unit can also be adapted and converted – from 500 m3/h up to 40,000 m3/h in airflow with a particle load of 70mg/m2 down to 10mg/m2. The flexible design makes it easy to upgrade.

You can find out more about A•erity here or contact the team today on 01952 290500 or email sales@filtermist.com