Targeting Excellence training moves online

Filtermist has launched a new online training programme to ensure all employees can continue to progress their careers and learn new skills, even in the current circumstances. 

The Telford based industrial air cleaning specialist introduced its ‘Targeting Excellence’ programme at the end of 2018 to support the company’s aim of being best in class across all aspects of the business. 2019 saw a comprehensive schedule of masterclasses and competency workshops delivered by a range of colleagues, and the intention was to continue with this throughout 2020. This was put on hold when the pandemic hit, but as this ‘new way of working’ is now the new normal, Filtermist has re-introduced its training utilising Teams technology.

Director of Group Shared Services, Jo Morris, elaborates, “Our first year of training received excellent feedback from our employees who seized the opportunity to learn more about a wide variety of business-related topics from their peers.

“As well as core competency workshops that focus on six key ways we do business, employees were able to learn about a variety of subjects including product and technology focussed sessions, sales techniques, their own ‘brand identity’ and many more. Whilst we are all used to working remotely now, this presents its own challenges in ensuring our colleagues remain feeling connected to the wider business and our overarching objectives. Running these workshops helps to refocus our people on the important role they all play in ensuring we are delivering an excellent service to our customers at all times.”

Filtermist and the wider Absolent Group have an ongoing focus on continuous improvement that reaches across all parts of the business. This includes a Digital Transformation project which is underway to introduce a common ERP and CRM across all of Absolent Group’s global companies and sites, and a Lean Manufacturing project at Filtermist’s Northampton facility which aims to streamline the processes involved in manufacturing the Kerstar range of industrial vacuums. This project will be rolled out across the company’s two Telford sites when Northampton is complete.

“Continuous improvement has always been vital to Filtermist. As a business which has been growing and changing for more than 50 years this aspect is key, but the last 12 months have made this even more important than ever,” continues Jo. “Lots of businesses have had to adapt to the new way of working whilst ensuring they don’t lose the ‘good bits’ which keep their staff engaged and onboard. We have an extremely dedicated team, and we’ve also welcomed some new faces recently, so being able to offer this training again is really exciting.”

Please visit our Careers page to find out more about our core competencies and the benefits of working at Filtermist.