COVID-19 – bringing out the best in UK Manufacturing

Since the current pandemic first started making an impact last month, the UK’s manufacturing industry has pulled out all the stops to support the Government with its efforts to tackle this Coronavirus. From the initial call for companies to manufacturer additional ventilators, to PPE, hospital equipment, and additional food production - a huge number of UK manufacturers have increased capacity and swiftly diversified to meet this challenge head on.

Filtermist is proud to be able to directly support a wide range of customers in a variety of critical industries who are all directly involved in the current crisis in one way or another.

Director of Group UK Sales, Andy Hives, comments, “It is tough out there at the moment and businesses are facing enormous challenges, but it is heartening to see the way the industries we serve have responded. We see reports every day about how our customers are helping, and it makes us really proud to be part of such a driven manufacturing community.

“The traditional media is rightly championing front-line workers including NHS staff and carers, but there are also many unsung heroes in this pandemic. From the machine operators working tirelessly to make sure we have the components needed to make beds and equipment for the new Nightingale Hospitals, furniture manufacturers producing items for the makeshift facilities, and automotive manufacturers turning their hand to PPE production, to food manufacturers helping to feed the nation. Our country should take a minute to recognise the unwavering commitment everyone involved has – no matter what size role they’re playing.”

In his recent open letter to the UK’s manufacturing industry, The Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Alok Sharma made it clear that “Manufacturing is a critical part of our economy and I would like to be clear that there is no restriction on manufacturing continuing under the current rules.”

Like many other manufacturers, Filtermist has remained open throughout this crisis to ensure we can support customers however they may need – whether that’s supplying spare filter consumables, installing extraction on new machine tools being used to make ventilator parts, or undertaking LEV testing to ensure companies remain compliant with COSHH regulations.


Our customers going above and beyond…..

Filtermist would like to give a shout out to the following customers who are all going above and beyond to do what they can to ensure the UK responds to this crisis from every angle – and these are just some of the firms we know about!:


Crystal Doors and Senator Group

Rochdale manufacturer of vinyl wrapped furniture, Crystal Doors, was asked to supply 4,500 pieces of furniture to support the NHS treatment of coronavirus patients. The order included overbed tops, side tables and cupboards required by the NHS to create makeshift treatment centres. Find out more in this Rochdale News article. Crystal Doors is a long-standing customer of DCS Ltd, now part of Filtermist Systems Limited. Read about the most recent dust extraction system installation, which included Ecogate energy saving technology, by following this link.

Meanwhile, Altham based Senator Group which manufactures a range of furniture, has also been producing items for use in the Nightingale Hospitals. Senator is a long-standing customer of Cades Ltd which merged with Filtermist Systems Limited last year.


ETG (Engineering Technology Group)

Long-standing Filtermist customer ETG, the UK distributor for brands including Chiron, Nakamura-Tome and Bridgeport Hardinge, has been supporting the Ventilator Challenge in a variety of ways, including 3D printing parts. Follow this link to hear from Managing Director Martin Doyle:


Matsuura, Mills CNC and Hurco

Matsuura, Mills CNC and Hurco have all been supplying machine tools to customers directly involved in the efforts to combat COVID-19.



Shipley based Produmax has been busy making ventilator components.


Qualiturn Products Limited and Star GB

Hertford based Qualiturn Products Limited has been busy manufacturing components including fittings and connectors for use in over 5000 beds destined for the new hospitals. To date, Qualiturn has invested in two more machines from Filtermist customer Star GB to help it meet demand.


Reginson Engineering Ltd and Citizen Machinery

Reginson Engineering Ltd from Nuneaton invested in the UK’s first Citizen Cincom A320-VII to support urgent critical component manufacturing for the Government’s Ventilator Challenge. Filtermist supplied, installed and commissioned an Absolent A.Mist 10s oil mist filter with FastClip ducting to ensure the air being breathed in by Reginson’s machine operators is clean and safe.



Systems customer RICOH has worked with The Wrekin Housing Group to produce face shields to help protect the Group’s frontline workers. Follow this link for more details.


Spirax Sarco

Spirax Sarco is supplying Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrains with a quick-fit connector used in a breathing aid to ensure as many patients as possible can receive the vital supply they need. Find out more by visiting MTD MFG.


Some other Filtermist customers involved in PPE production and / or the Ventilator Challenge include the following (please note, this list is not exhaustive and there are undoubtedly lots more of our customers involved in this effort):


AMG Petronas

BAE Systems

Babcock International Group

CNF Precision Engineering

Craven & Co. Limited

HV Wooding

GKN Aerospace






Mondelēz International


Red Bull Racing


Smithstown Light Engineering



 A full list of companies involved in the UK Ventilator Challenge can be found here.