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Leading industrial air filtration specialist Filtermist will be showcasing its long-standing partnerships with some of the UK’s leading machine tool distributors at MACH 2018.

In addition to its own stand (H17-430) which will introduce the company’s latest acquisitions Dustcheck Ltd and Multi Fan Systems to UK manufacturers, Filtermist oil mist filters will also be making an appearance on a number of other stands throughout the show.

Filtermist UK Sales Manager Matthew Pearson elaborates, “We work closely with a number of machine tool suppliers to ensure their customers are not exposed to oil mist. These partnerships have developed over many years and we are very proud to be an official Technical Partner to customers including Mills CNC, Star GB and Engineering Technology Group.

“At the last MACH show we were delighted to see Filtermist units on Doosan machines on the Mills stand, as well as on the MecWash, Haas and Hurco stands - resulting in valuable additional visibility for Filtermist. This year should see a similar number of names which will include our oil mist filters on their stands.”

MTD filmed a short interview with Tony Dale, Mills CNC’s Technical Director, last year discussing the two companies’ partnership. In the film Tony says, “With Filtermist it’s the brand that everybody knows…generally most of our customers don’t ask for mist extraction, they ask for a Filtermist.”

This is testimony to both Filtermist’s reputation amongst UK manufacturers, and the fact that many of the leading machine tool suppliers recognise the need to offer effective mist extraction as part of their value-added service. When asked if Mills recommends mist extraction to customers in the MTD interview, Tony comments, “It used to be aerospace and automotive manufacturers that were looking at mist extraction for health and safety reasons, but now even your sub-contractors…..they’re keeping the workshops cleaner and it helps reduce the oil residue, so yes it’s very important.”

Air extraction and filtration products from Filtermist’s sister company Absolent AB will also be on show on Filtermist’s stand, as well as others including Star GB. Star customers frequently install Absolent A.Smoke and A.mist units to extract contaminated air from sliding head lathes as they are able to handle large volumes of sub-micron particles.

“It always makes us very proud to see our products included on other stands and is testimony to the strength of the partnerships we have with the machine tool manufacturing industry,” says Matthew.

You can find the full interview with Tony Dale on Filtermist’s YouTube channel, alternatively please call our sales team on 01952 290500 to discuss your mist extraction needs.