Manufactured in the UK for UK manufacturers

This time next week it will be the UK's inaugural National Manufacturing Day so we thought we would take the opportunity to shine a spotlight on our own manufacturing operations!

Filtermist has manufactured its own brand of oil mist filters in the UK since 1969. Following a series of acquisitions, our team also now manufactures Dustcheck wet and dry dust collectors and venting filters, as well as Kerstar industrial vacuum cleaners.

All products manufactured and supplied by Filtermist, and its sister companies within Absolent Air Care Group, are designed to ensure potentially harmful dust, fume, oil smoke and oil mist particles are effectively removed from the air in industrial workplaces.

As a UK manufacturer, Filtermist understands the necessity of ensuring the air in industrial working environments is clean and safe to breathe – not only from a regulatory compliance perspective, but also in terms of how a clean environment can contribute to employee recruitment and retention, product quality and cost reduction.

The current economic situation means more and more companies are looking to re-shore their supply chains to help protect against global supply issues caused by the pandemic and other factors.

“Working with a UK manufacturer means customers benefit from robust products which are built to last," comments Director of Operations, Martyn Pritchard. "They can also access technical expertise direct from the manufacturer rather than through a third-party distributor. This means the filter specified will be the best solution for specific customer requirements – not just what the distributor has on their shelf.

"Our products are used across a diverse range of manufacturing industries including aerospace, automotive, food production, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and many more, and all Filtermist manufactured products are supported by a comprehensive aftermarket service to ensure equipment continues to perform as it did on commissioning.”

Contact our team to discuss how our UK manufactured products could help ensure your manufacturing operations are not hindered by contaminated air.