Strength in numbers

As a UK manufacturer and trusted supplier to global manufacturing and engineering companies for more than 50 years, Filtermist recognises the value that can be gained from being part of strong networks. 

This is one of the reasons why the company has retained its membership of a number of trade associations for many years. Interacting with other members, learning from peers and being able to access support and advice across a huge range of subjects is an invaluable resource for Filtermist, as CEO James Stansfield explains: “We are currently members of five trade associations – BOHS, the MTA, BTMA, GTMA and SHAPA, and many of our employees are individual members of ILEVE. We are also a member of the Staffordshire Chamber International Trade Club.

“Prior to the pandemic we were members of other associations as well, but like many companies we reviewed all spend during 2020 and decided to prioritise organisations that we could prove add value to our business.

“Each of the associations that we are part of actively support Filtermist in very different ways and, reciprocally, we support our associations wherever possible by providing advice, guidance and training to their members on key matters whenever relevant. My colleagues and I attend various meetings covering technical matters, marketing and international trade, as well as taking part in regular ‘state of business’ networking events. The information that we receive from our trade associations is vital to the running of our business and helps to underpin Filtermist’s position as a key UK manufacturer.”

In addition to individual trade association memberships, Filtermist also supports SHEP (Safety and Health Engineering Partnership) by providing pro bono secretarial and administration support.

“We have been part of SHEP since its inception back in 2018 due to our involvement with many of the trade associations which are members,” continues James. “SHEP is designed to enable industry to engage, influence and inform the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to effectively improve health and safety standards within the Engineering sector. One of the main focuses of SHEP to date has been on supporting the HSE’s drive to reduce incidents of occupational lung disease due to exposure to harmful airborne contaminants including mist from metalworking fluids, fume and dust. This aligns very well with Filtermist’s mission which is to ensure the air in industrial workplaces is clean and safe to breathe.

“Our involvement in SHEP and our trade association memberships all help to keep us up to speed with the latest developments across a huge range of subjects – something which can be time-consuming on top of running a global business. Knowing we’ll be given accurate information on topics which matter is invaluable.”

If you’d like to find out how Filtermist can help ensure the air in your workplace is clean and safe to breathe, please contact our sales team by calling 01952 290500 or emailing