Filtermist Install Engineer Andy adds P604 certificate to his CV

Filtermist Systems Limited is delighted to announce that Installation Engineer Andy Berks has successfully passed his P604 (Performance Evaluation, Commissioning and Management of Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems) qualification. 

This course is designed to give delegates ‘the practical and theoretical understanding of how to fully commission or re-commission an LEV system, to ensure that it has been designed properly and can effectively control airborne contaminants in the workplace.’

Andy joined Filtermist in 2016 as a Service Engineer and moved over to the installation team in 2019 - completing his P601 qualification in September of that year. He now focuses on installing Filtermist and Absolent oil mist filters for customers throughout the UK.

Filtermist prides itself on its full-service offering – not only does it manufacture its own brand of oil mist filters here in the UK, but it also provides a complete installation, commissioning and aftersales package meaning customers can access all of the support they need to remain COSHH compliant in one place. All Filtermist customers are given a comprehensive Commissioning Report at the end of each installation which includes key data that future Thorough Examination and Test Reports (TExT) use as a benchmark.

The P604 qualification process included a four-day course from training provider Oxyl8 and culminated in Andy submitting a comprehensive LEV Commissioning Report which had to be signed off before the course could be completed. He passed both exam and report submission first time.

“I am really pleased to have successfully completed this course,” comments Andy. “Studying when you’re working full-time isn’t easy, but it’s worth it in the end. This certificate is evidence that I have met the standards set out by BOHS (British Occupational Hygiene Society) and this, coupled with my practical experience is proof of my competency to carry out my job – a key requirement from the HSE perspective.”

Andy is one of ten Filtermist employees who is working towards, or has completed, P qualifications from BOHS this year. The company has a target of providing 30 training hours per employee, per year which is achieved through a mix of in-house and external courses and masterclasses designed to upskill all employees on an ongoing basis.

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