Sharing Knowledge – why it’s important to Filtermist

As part of Absolent Air Care Group, a key goal for Filtermist is to become a Thought Leader in the Clean Air sector. Filtermist puts a high value on knowledge and skills and has ambitious training targets of 30 hours of training, per employee, per year to ensure its teams have up to date skills and knowledge to perform their job well – no matter what department they work in.

The aim is to have a more productive workforce, who are fully abreast of new ideas within their job role and the clean air industry, and are always looking at more productive ways of working. This is achieved by building expertise and encouraging collaboration.

Filtermist and many of its employees are also members of numerous industry bodies and trade associations. Filtermist encourages the team to take an active role in networking with industry peers to help build brand awareness for all of the Filtermist brands, through sharing of expertise and best practices.

Recently, seven members of the Filtermist team have used their knowledge to take part in delivering industry led webinars and podcasts, delivering training to peer organisations and marking industry qualification examinations.

Martyn Pritchard - Global Supply Chain Manager, Kavan Garcha - Group Finance Controller, Susan Lewis - Materials Control Manager and Maria Grainger – Export Sales Administration Manager

Martyn, along with Kavan, Susan and Maria, were amongst a panel of industry experts who recently delivered a webinar in conjunction with Marsh Commercial.

They covered the challenges that supply chain professionals have been facing over the last 12 months due to issues caused by COVID and Brexit, and explained how Filtermist has been managing those risks.

You can watch the webinar here

Louise Smallwood - Digital Marketer

Louise has worked with the Dustcheck brand for over five years and is a member of the Solids Handling and Processing Industry Association (SHAPA) Marketing Committee.

“We meet on a quarterly basis, and also work closely with the Technical Committee to network, organise training, facilitate PR and social media for the association and share knowledge on the latest trends in sales and marketing and digital marketing within the bulk handling industry. It’s a great way for me to keep up to date with what’s happening in the industry,” said Louise.

Louise has been a ‘social media for business’ advocate for a long time and over the years has run training in-house and for the SHAPA marketing committee on how to effectively use LinkedIn.

Having been part of the Filtermist Marketing team for the last three years, Louise has adapted and rolled out this training further and just last month delivered a ‘LinkedIn for Beginners’ webinar to some of the smaller business members for the British Turned Parts Manufacturers Association (BTMA) of which Filtermist is a member. There are now plans to run the same training session for SHAPA members in the Autumn.


Ian Reece - HRA L&D

Ian, who is part of Filtermist's HR department, project managed the introduction of Edays in 2020 – a technology used to automate daily HR functions which is helping Filtermist to achieve the company’s ongoing focus on continuous improvement and to give greater autonomy to the workforce.

Along with Kara Nixon, Head of People Services at Coca-Cola, Edays invited Ian to present at a webinar and podcast they ran on ‘Absence management – aiding business growth’ earlier this year. It focussed on the challenges businesses face and how automated tools could help. It also covered the importance of absence management (particularly in the difficult times COVID has presented) and how a paperless portal such as E-days can help employees and line managers better manage staff availability.

“The pandemic has made us work in ways which we had never considered before and we need to take the positives from that and keep improving on it.  Mid-pandemic we launched our flexible working and remote working policy which works perfectly alongside the clocking in and out function in Edays,” said Ian.

You can listen again to the podcast here.

Find out more about how we implemented edays here.  

Carl Latham - Divisional Sales Director (Dust and Fume)

Carl is a member of CISBE, BOHS, ILEVE and LEV CENTRAL along with many other industry groups and forums. He has a passion for the clean air industry and being a member of these organisations is an important way for Carl to keep abreast of legislation and best practices, especially within the LEV Testing industry.

Carl is certified as a BOHS approved marker for BOHS qualifications which is a great achievement. It allows Carl a platform to share his experience and knowledge, and gives insight into many areas of industrial ventilation and occupational hygiene.

Carl marks exam papers to HSG258 and HSE standards and feedback then gets sent back to the delegates, before there is an open communication to discuss any necessary improvements.

“Although I’d like to consider myself an expert in my field, I don’t know everything there is to know about industrial ventilation. It’s a fast paced and ever-changing landscape as legislation and best practice is continually updated. Networking with industry peers allows me to constantly develop and gain more knowledge. In turn, my role as a BOHS examiner is my way of giving back to the industry by working with new engineers and helping to guide them,” said Carl.

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