We are Filtermist… Marc Saunders

Marc Saunders, Manufacturing Support Engineer

“With support from a fantastic management team I’ve been able to learn so many new skills and work my way through various manufacturing and production roles. Filtermist took a chance on me as I had no relevant skills when I joined six years ago. I’m currently working towards a HNC in Manufacturing Technology and know that I’m working for a company that will continue to support me with training to further my career.”

When Marc Saunders joined Filtermist six years ago he was looking for a complete change in career. Although having originally trained as a computer engineer, Marc had been working as a chef and he wanted to get away from the long and unsociable hours that the catering industry brought with it.

Marc remembers his interview for his initial role in assembly very well: “I literally had no experience for the job and when I applied I never thought I’d get an interview. I remember being really honest and saying I had no clue what the role involved but when I had a factory tour I was instantly enthused by the whole manufacturing process,” he said.

Craig Bridgwater who interviewed Marc was so impressed by his enthusiasm and professional outlook that he decided to take a chance on Marc: “He had the right attitude and I knew that the skills he needed could be taught. Finding the right fit for a role doesn’t always come from experience and I knew his positive work ethic would be a great addition to the team,” Craig commented.

Marc instantly showed an interest in the production process and the products that Filtermist manufactures. As well as working on the assembly line, Marc was soon being sent out with Filtermist Engineers to support them with servicing and installation - an invaluable experience that taught Marc about the products Filtermist makes and the applications they are used in.

When the business relocated to the current Telford site, Manufacturing Manager Brian Lowe saw an opportunity to develop Marc’s skills further and when a position as a Spot Welder became available he offered the job to Marc: “I’d had no formal training, but was willing to give it a go – turned out I took to it straight away! Glen and Brian – in fact all of my manufacturing colleagues - are so supportive. We have a great team who look out for each other and are always quick to provide help and support,” Marc said.

“Marc has a passion for what we do here at Filtermist and we’ve trained him in spot welding, tig welding, CNC programming, spinning and operating the welding robots. It means that Marc has become someone we can turn to when we need help in all areas of the manufacturing process,” commented Brian.

Marc’s hard work has been recognised and he recently took part in Filtermist’s first Rising Stars Programme – a series of workshops that look to develop future managers. He is currently working towards a HNC in Manufacturing Technology and will graduate in June 2021. As well as this he has just been promoted from ‘Welder’ to ‘Manufacturing Support Engineer’ and his new role will see him providing a link between the Engineering team and Production team whilst supporting the whole manufacturing process.