Mental Health awareness on the agenda at Filtermist

Group senior managers from Filtermist have been learning how to support their employees ahead of Mental Health Awareness Week (May 13th to 19th).

As part of the company’s commitment to employee wellbeing, Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training was offered to all senior management team members.

Following the success of the one-day course, the training will be rolled out to all managers to enable them to spot the signs and then appropriately support any individuals who are struggling.

One in three workers will be diagnosed with a mental health issue during their lifetime, and sadly 16 per cent feel they cannot disclose the problem to their boss – a number Mental Health First Aid England is aiming to reduce through workplace-based courses.

The one-day training means those who attended are now official MHFA Champions, able to provide basic first aid for the most common mental health issues and to do their part in encouraging a ‘mentally healthy workplace’, challenging stigma and supporting positive wellbeing among their teams.

Johanna Morris, Director of Group HR, said: “As a company, we care about our workforce; we can only succeed through our people. Statistics show that one in three people in the UK experience a mental illness each year. Depression, stress and anxiety are a large cause for absence so we feel it is imperative that our managers are equipped to support our people, if and when these challenges arise.

“We have provided MHFA training for all of our senior managers, with a view to rolling this out across our full management population. We want to ensure all of our people managers are trained so they can spot the signs and symptoms of common mental health issues, and then be able to provide non-judgemental support and reassurance, and if necessary, guide people to seek professional support.

“We are committed to being a great place to work and we see people management as a critical aspect of our business. The welfare of our workforce is a fundamental part of this.”

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