Filtermist FX5002 is ideal fit for Fabryka Maszyn Tarnów

Fabryka Maszyn Tarnów is a Polish company which produces machine tools for turning, grinding, milling and many other applications.

The company, which has an established history of manufacturing products including lathes and grinding machines for shafts, was bought by its current owners in 2013 and is situated in the outskirts of the Polish city of Tarnów. Its main aim is to rebuild and continue the domestic production of machine tools within the country.

When it was looking to find the ideal oil mist collectors for use on its machines, Fabryka Maszyn turned to Imponar which represents Filtermist in Poland. It needed a solution for removing oil mist and solid particles produced by its universal grinder for rollers RUP-280, a machine which grinds internal and external rotary surfaces, as well as flat fronts of different workpieces and flanges.

The RUP-280 offers high speed grinding up to 45m/s and is highly reliable and durable, thanks to its hydrostatic spindle bearings and hydrostatic guides.

Characteristics of the RUP-280 grinding machine include:

•    roughness Ra 0,16 um
•    rotating 0,0015mm
•    rolling 0,005mm / 500mm
•    repeatability of diameter grinding 0,005m

Imponar recommended that Fabryka Maszyn Tarnów also made use of a pre-filter to remove larger particles generated in grinding operations.

Filtermist cyclones are specifically designed to collect dust and swarf before it enters the Filtermist unit. The system is attached to the inlet of the Filtermist unit and the contaminated air passes through it. The low-pressure area within the separator encourages the heavier particles to fall to its base where they can be easily removed.

Visit for more information about Fabryka Maszyn Tarnów or to speak to one of Filtermist’s expert team, email or call 01952 290500.