Filtermist oil mist filters in grey, green and all colours in between

Filtermist, the UK's only oil mist filter manufacturer, has established close working relationships with a significant number of machine tool manufacturers and their global distributors in its 47-year history and prides itself on the bespoke service it offers. 

Colour-matching is an excellent way to integrate Filtermist oil mist collectors with the machine tool – providing a professional finish for customers around the world.

Managing Director James Stansfield elaborates, “When Filtermist was first founded, the majority of machine tools were supplied in an olive green colour so the first Filtermists were also olive green. However, the trend changed to light grey back in the eighties and Filtermist followed suit.

“Our standard units are supplied in RAL 7035 light grey so they integrate seamlessly into the workshop environment, but we can supply Filtermists in any colour a customer wants by   customising the powder coated unit casing.” 

The compact and lightweight nature of Filtermist oil mist filters means they can be directly mounted to machine tools, saving valuable floor space. Colour-matching the Filtermist to the tool provides a coherent finish and reinforces the importance of including effective oil mist removal as an integral part of the machine tool.

A good example of this is the installation of a Matsuura automated machining cell for UK based engine manufacturer Cosworth. The first phase of the project included seven Filtermist FX6000 units fitted to remove all of the oil mist generated by the three H.Plus-630 machines and one 5 axis MAM72-100H – the largest tool Matsuura manufactures. All of the Filtermists were colour-matched to the specific shade of blue used to paint the machine tools.

James continues, “Our oil mist filters can be included in the technical specification and fitted as part of the initial build, or they can be retrofitted by distributors or end users. 

“Machine tool manufacturers are constantly updating both the internal technology and the external appearance of their products to stay one step ahead in this competitive market. Filtermist has the capability to ensure the oil mist filtration component of the tool will enhance the professional image manufacturers strive to deliver.”

Colour plays a significant role in reinforcing brand identity – something all multi-national machine tool manufacturers know only too well. The distinctive blue used by Korean company Doosan makes its machines instantly recognisable, meanwhile Gloucestershire based Renishaw has claimed a bright orange hue as its own.

Filtermist UK recently returned from the AMB show in Stuttgart where it noted an increasing use of black and orange by some of the machine tool industry’s major players; our US distributor Royal Products has supplied its distinctive black Royal Filtermists for more than 35 years – could this be a trend that’s set to increase on a global scale? Watch this space!