People flourish
at Filtermist

Please email for details of any current vacancies.
If you...
  • thrive in a fast paced environment
  • love a challenge
  • embrace change
  • are passionate about professionalism
  • genuinely care about customers
...then this could be the workplace for you!

50 hours of training per employee, per year

Filtermist is committed to offering a range of development opportunities for all colleagues

Extra day holiday for your birthday

Because who wants to work on their special day!

Opportunities to nominate your favourite charity to receive funding

Do you have a cause close to your heart? We have dedicated funds to support individuals, charities and other organisations nominated by our teams

Comprehensive internal training programmes

Workshops on our six key competencies are delivered throughout the year, as well as a range of ‘masterclasses’ delivered by some of our in-house experts

Investment in external training and accreditations

Support is available for colleagues who are committed to taking their careers to the next level through formal qualifications

What we look for:

We pride ourselves on our attitude and culture, and target excellence throughout all aspects of our business

Positive approach and teamwork

  • Wants to make Filtermist International a great place to work
  • Works as part of a team and helps to drive our Group Culture
  • Is helpful and supportive of others
  • Deals with problems with other team members effectively
  • Has a positive attitude and interacts well with others
  • Shares ideas, experience and knowledge with team members
  • Cares about what we do

Time management

  • Maintains effort until tasks are completed
  • Plans ahead to meet deadlines
  • Prioritises workload
  • Balances conflicting demands
  • Understands the need for efficiencies in all areas
  • Is pro-active
  • Considers the impact unplanned absences have on others


  • Communicates effectively with internal and external customers
  • Listens and responds well to others
  • Builds relationships and is respectful to others
  • Maintains a suitable professional appearance
  • Takes pride in our workplace
  • Understands and actively encourages inclusivity and diversity.

Quality and customer experience

  • Understands Filtermist International’s quality requirements and objectives
  • Is aware of internal and external customer needs
  • Has an active interest and pride in Filtermist International and the service and quality it delivers
  • Understands the importance of our customers’ experience and exceeds expectations
  • Cares about the reputation of the business

Continuous improvement

  • Understands the need for continuous learning, development and improvement - both for the business and personally
  • Integrates new learning into existing skills
  • Is full of ideas and willingness to learn
  • Balances company objectives with personal goals
  • Is open to change and improvement
  • Sees problems as opportunities to improve
  • Seeks feedback internally and externally

Protecting people and our environment

  • Understands the importance of safety and welfare both internally and externally
  • Contributes to the wellbeing of others and helps to develop and support others
  • Adheres to all regulatory requirements within work
  • Understands and is supportive of our environmental policy
  • Works in an ethical manner
  • Takes pride in our workplace and ensures it is kept clean and tidy
We pride ourselves on our loyal, dedicated workforce, and believe that getting the right people, equipping them with the right skills and retaining them by being a great place to work is the best way to grow our business.