The Health and Safety Executive HSG248 guidelines on Controlling Airborne Contaminants at Work covers recommended methodologies, record keeping procedures, air flow measurement and LEV testing equipment. Filtermist service programmes for all makes and types of extraction equipment include these best practice procedures and provide a full range of recommended equipment covering:

LEV Logbook

Air Flow Indicators

Filtermist offers air flow gauges as an option on all extraction equipment as recommended in HSG258, as well as F Monitor – Filtermist’s dual monitoring system.

Gauges and F Monitors can be retrofitted to any existing LEV system, including dust, welding fume, smoke and oil mist extraction units. Air flow indicators offer the equipment operator an accurate, immediate and easy to read indication of whether the extraction system is working efficiently. COSHH regulations require employees to report any defects in LEV Systems ‘forthwith’ – using monitoring devices makes this requirement easy to adhere to.

Smoke Sticks

Filtermist Smoke Sticks are designed for easy testing of air flow in workplace extraction systems as specified in HSG258. A thin smoke pattern that lasts for several hours allows testing for the slightest air movement on extraction systems. They are supplied with a purpose designed holder and being clean and non-corrosive, can be used safely in areas with electronic equipment and unprotected metal surfaces. This product has an extremely long shelf-life and is very safe to use.

Wind direction indicator bottles

Filtermist’s dedicated LEV Engineers also use wind direction indicator bottles to ensure extraction systems are performing as intended. These offer an alternative to smoke sticks in environments where naked flames are not permitted.

LEV Log Books

A series of daily, weekly and monthly checks should be carried out on all LEV equipment in order to comply with guidelines published in HSG258. Filtermist offerd specifically designed Log Books to allow accurate recording of these LEV checks, together with comments on any corrective action required. A separate section for regular maintenance and unplanned repair work is also included. These records can then be used as evidence that HSE guidelines are being followed.

An LEV log book is supplied with each new extraction system purchased from Filtermist and additional books, suitable for all extraction equipment, are also available to order.