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Portable Dust Collector

Designed to add on to existing central extraction systems, Loc-Line® 2.5" Vacuum Hose can be easily mounted onto most plastic or metal pipe work.

By changing the length of the hose and style of nozzle it is simple to create the optimum specification for your application.

Hand adjustable in 360º and self supporting in lengths up to 3 feet, the hose can be quickly and easily positioned exactly where you want it.

Use your workshop vacuum to collect dust at source. A simple adaptor allows you to connect the Loc-Line hose direct to your standard workshop vacuum for a totally portable solution.

Features of the Loc-Line® Vacuum Hose

  • Easily positioned
  • 360° hand adjustable
  • Anti-static option
  • Self Supporting
  • Durable
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 75°C

Anti-Static Hose

The black anti-static vacuum hose dissipates static build up.

  • Surface resistivity: 1.000E3 Ohm
  • Volume resistivity: < 6.000E2 Ohm-cm