WhoshouldIsee Tracks Save Energy and Cut Costs with Ecogate Controllers | Filtermist UK

The greenBOX NXT delivers state-of-the-art functionality using technology that powers modern smartphones. One of the unique features of the greenBOX NXT is the web browser-based analytics platform. The system has a Wi-Fi chip to allow smartphones or other internet-enabled devices to connect from anywhere in the world following secure authentication. The greenBOX NXT features:

  • On-demand fan speed modulation to match machine requirements in real-time
  • Attractive monthly reports on system performance via email
  • Secure remote access from any internet-connected device
  • Automatically controls up to 32 production machines on a single dust collection system
  • Real-time air velocity monitoring at all drops with Ecogate smart gates
  • Automatically maintains transport velocities in the ducting

For larger facilities, the greenBOX MASTER SRL® can control up to four extraction fans and as many as 180 workstations. Features include:

  • An industrial PC Control Unit
  • A heavy-duty touch screen monitor with dust & waterproof keyboard
  • Internet connectivity for remote configuration and diagnosis