BRISTOL Electrostatic Filters
BRISTOL T&G International GmbH

What is an electrostatic filter?

Filtermist provides a range of high-quality Electrostatic Filters, designed and manufactured by German sister company Bristol T&G. Electrostatic filters work by electrically charging oil mist particles, which are then attracted onto oppositely charged collector cells. Typically used on applications creating large amounts of heavy oil smoke, the collector cells can be banked together to increase their efficiency and capacity. Each system in our range comes in single or double pass configuration.

Whilst there are no consumable filters, the cells do need to be regularly cleaned in order to maintain optimum performance.

Technical Summary

Model Max. permissible air volume
B500 EF 500
B500 EF Twin 500
B1000 EF 1000
B1000 EF Twin 1000
B1800 EF 1800
B1800 EF Twin 1800
B2000 EF 2000
B3000 EF 3000
B3000 EF Twin 3000

BRISTOL electrostatic filters are well suited for use in applications such as:

  • Heat-treatment
  • Cold-drawing
  • Gear cutting
  • Grinding with straight oil
  • CNC turning with straight oil
  • Forging operations and cold pressing