Oil Mist Extraction

As the first UK manufacturers to successfully implement centrifugal force, Filtermist provides the most advanced and effective solutions available for oil mist removal in the workplace.

All Filtermist and Absolent oil mist collectors and oil mist filters are designed to exceed the most stringent health and safety standards for the removal of airborne contaminants. They are supported nationwide by our qualified sales engineers who:

  • Undertake on site assessments of your oil mist extraction needs.
  • Specify and install the optimum extraction solution.
  • Offer a comprehensive service and maintenance packages to prevent costly breakdowns of your LEV equipment.
  • Provide ongoing LEV testing and air monitoring services to ensure your workplace meets COSHH legislative requirements.

World-leading Oil Mist Filters

Developed through 40 years of global experience and the expertise of internationally recognised centres of engineering excellence, Filtermist provides the most advanced and effective system available for the oil mist removal.

The Filtermist System

  • Energy efficient
  • Oil mist removed at source
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Low cost maintenance
  • Recognised market leader
  • Quiet operation and high performance

Compact | Quiet | Efficient

Dust Removal

Absolent A•dust

The Absolent A•dust range of Dust Filters are designed for extraction from multiple take off points for dry dust applications such as welding, laser cutting, grinding and polishing.

  • Effective removal of dust and other particles from workplac
  • Easy to operate, clean and maintain
  • High performance and reliability
  • Protection against hazardous dust explosions
  • Energy efficient with overall low running costs