Filtermist Systems Limited is the sole representative in the UK for Brofind Spa, which specialises in the supply and installation of VOC (volatile organic compound) Abatement and Odour Control Systems to comply with current Environmental legislation. Its systems are based on the following technologies:

  • Direct fired oxidizers or afterburners
  • Regenerative, (RTO), and recuperative thermal oxidisers
  • Catalytic oxidisers
  • Adsorption systems
  • Rotary concentrators, (carbon and zeolite)
  • Wet scrubbers (venturis and packed towers)
  • Biological Systems
  • Secondary heat recovery
Brofind Spa

All systems are purpose designed to provide the optimum, cost effective solution with consideration to both capital and operating costs. Many operate without the use of support fuel, by careful design of primary and secondary heat recovery and/or process optimisation.