A Line oil smoke filters

Filtermist is the exclusive UK distributor of Absolent oil smoke filters

When to use the A•line oil smoke filter

A•line is best suited for CNC machines, swiss machines and grinding machines that are running with high speeds and high coolant pressures.

It can also be adapted to fit the requirements of different applications. This makes it Absolent's smartest filter unit yet.

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Why use an A•line oil smoke filter?

  • Low maintenance costs thanks to long lasting filter cassettes and EcoDrive
  • Improves the environment inside as well as outside of your workshop thanks to the ”Catch & Release” function.
  • Versatile placement thanks to double air inlets and oil outlets. Twice as convenient!

Tech Data

Model Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Weight (kg) Max. Airflow (M3/H) Motor Output (W) Inlet Duct (mm) Oil Amount, in Oil Amount, out
A•5 850 560 665 80 500 360 Ø 125 1.5 Barrels/Yr 1 Tsp/Yr
A•10 920 965 680 140 1000 1150 Ø 2X160 MMT1 3 Barrels/Yr 1 Tsp/Yr
  • 1 Inlet duct not included for the US market.

Engineer Support

If you need help, Filtermist offers expert application knowledge and maintenance services

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