Coolant concentration is critical

Low concentration can cause:

  • A shortened tool life
  • Bacteria growth leading to pungent odours
  • Rusting of the machine equipment

High concentration can cause:

  • Excessive heating which can affect cutting tolerances
  • A shortened tool life
  • Skin irritation and dermatitis
  • Respiratory irritation from over exposure to MWF aerosols

Maintaining the proper coolant to water ratio is critical because coolants are designed to perform optimally at specific concentrations.

Features of the Filtermist coolant mixers

Measured success

The Filtermist drum mounted coolant mixers accurately combine fluid concentrate with water in measured ratios, providing a ready to use solution straight from the drum.

Two robust models

The standard unit is supplied for 205 litre drums with an additional model, featuring a drum adaptor and short feed hose, supplied for 20 and 25 litre drums.

Easy to use and fully adjustable

The mixer valves are extremely easy to use, incorporating a semi-concealed metering screw for easy adjustment of mixing ratios.

Simple installation

Installation is a simple matter of connecting to a pressurised water supply, for which the unit comes complete with a water inlet attachment and outlet hose. Simply switching the water on and off then controls the mixer.


Dilution range: 0.5% -15%. Max flow rate 30 litres/min.